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Transactions from referrals to me

My transactions to the uplines

Extra profit

Your excess profit is the lost profit from the inactive levels of your referrals. Due to optimization of calculations, the excess profit is displayed together with the main profit in the "transfers to me" tab"

Missed transactions

Profit loss - is a purchase of a level by your referral of the appropriate line, if you haven't reached this level yet. In this case the funds will be directed to Your upline of the appropriate line, from whom you can buy this level.
For example. Referral of the 3rd line wants to buy the 3rd level from You but you still haven't bought the 3rd level. In this case the money will be directed to your upline of the 3rd line.

Profit loss arises in 2 cases:

1) If You bought 1 level, and each subsequent one you buy gradually with the funds already received from the System, and Your referrals buy several levels at once ahead of time. This is a normal situation, foreshadowing subsequent rapid growth. The lost profit Of your referrals, appearing in the same way, will eventually become your SUPERPROFIT and multiply your income.

2) If you don't buy levels in time. In this case, the money that You should have received goes to your uplines of the corresponding lines. At any time, you can buy levels and start making a profit. Your account remains in the System forever.

If you have referrals with inactive levels, then all the money that should have gone to them for these levels goes to You.